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Tânia Salvaterra

Associate Programme Officer | Climate Change and Biodiversity

Tânia supports the implementation of projects undertaken by the Climate Change and Biodiversity programme, especially those relating to ecosystem-based adaptation. Her main tasks include reviewing documents and published literature to extract key information for analysis and synthesis, as well as the collection, collation and analysis of data.

Previous experience & expertise

Tânia has an MSc in Environmental Conservation and more than three years of experience working on multi-partner international projects on climate change. These include projects focused on climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and the link between climate change mitigation policies, biodiversity and livelihoods. Prior to joining the Centre, she worked on climate change adaptation and resilience as part of the coordination team for the EU-funded project PLACARD, aiming to establish a coordination and knowledge exchange platform between the climate change adaptation and disaster risk communities.

Recent work by Tânia Salvaterra

Development of climate change briefing notes: Ecosystem based adaptation |

Tânia contributes to the implementation of the project aiming to create programming guidance on ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) for UN Environment teams and consultants. Her main tasks include review of UN Environment’s portfolio of EbA projects; and drafting briefing notes compiling best-practice knowledge and lessons learned from EbA initiatives.