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Tim Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, WCMC | Senior Management Team

Tim has overall responsibility for WCMC, the UK Registered Charity. He reports to the Chairman and acts as Secretary to the Board of Trustees. As the leader of the Charity’s management, he ensures the smooth and effective operation of the Collaboration Agreement with UNEP. He is responsible for ensuring that both strategy and performance contribute to building a healthy and responsive culture that reinforces WCMC’s reputation and sustainability.

Previous experience & expertise

Tim graduated from Oxford with a degree in Natural Sciences (Zoology) and received a doctorate in ungulate ecology from the University of Southampton in 1984. He held a number of positions in national and international conservation organizations in the non-profit sector before joining WCMC in 1991. He gained management experience at WCMC across a wide span of programme areas, developing and leading partnerships with intergovernmental agencies and the private sector.