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Valentina Vaglica

Programme Officer | Species

Valentina is responsible for the delivery of projects that support the implementation of regional legislation and international conventions and agreements, primarily the EU Timber Regulation, the FLEGT Regulation, CITES and the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations. Her duties include producing technical reports, provision of scientific support for policymakers, data management and analysis.

Previous experience & expertise

Valentina worked for the UK CITES Scientific Authority for Plants and for the Maltese CITES Management & Enforcement Authorities for over six years, implementing and enforcing CITES and the European Environmental Regulations. She gained extensive experience in the production of non-detriment and legal acquisition findings, species/country reports, trade data analysis and worked in collaboration with the European Commission and EU Member States. Prior to joining the CITES Authorities, she worked as a Research Lab Assistant and Lecturer at the University of Palermo, Italy, performed research activities on succulents and timber tree species at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK) and supported CITES forest-related work in Guatemala.

Recent work by Valentina Vaglica

Implementation of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) |

Valentina supports UNEP-WCMC’s work to inform the implementation of the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT Regulation. Valentina assists with the production of analyses of relevance to EUTR/FLEGT, and compiles key information related to the implementation of the EUTR and to deforestation in timber source countries.