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Xavier de Lamo

Programme Officer | Climate Change and Biodiversity

Xavier’s role is to provide technical support to national REDD+ readiness activities in a wide range of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, focusing particularly on building capacity in spatial analysis and develop tools that explore the integration of forest multiple benefits and biodiversity into decision-making processes. He also contributes to projects related to ecosystem-based adaptation and other forms of climate change adaptation.

Previous experience & expertise

Xavier’s academic background is in field vegetation ecology, with a focus on geospatial science. He has professional experience in EU funded research projects related to biodiversity conservation and climate change vulnerability and adaptation. Before joining the Centre, Xavier worked as a work package manager in the EU funded project CLIMAFRICA, a project that aimed to assess climate change vulnerability in Sub-Saharan Africa at various spatial scales. Xavier holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of Girona and an MSc in GIS from the University of Edinburgh.

Recent work by Xavier de Lamo

Technical Support to UN-REDD Programme |

Xavier provides technical support to partners coordinating different REDD+ readiness activities in Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Côte d'Ivoire and Mongolia. This includes the delivery of maps and the development of methodologies for the spatial analysis of multiple benefits of REDD+, as well as the facilitation of in-country technical working sessions using open-source software.

Building capacity for coastal ecosystem-based adaptation (SIDS) |

Xavier contributed to developing a coastal ecosystem-based adaptation (EBA) guide for environmental managers and planners by conducting scientific literature reviews and drafting sections of the guide.