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Yara Shennan-Farpón

Programme Officer | Science

Yara is a technical Programme Officer in the Science Programme. Her work supports a large range of projects, mainly related to ecosystem services and biodiversity, protected areas and GIS. Her responsibilities include mapping ecosystem services, commodities, biodiversity and infrastructure, data analysis, writing and editing to contribute towards project outputs and reports.

Previous experience & expertise

Yara's past experience includes working on protected area management effectiveness evaluation in freshwater habitats, and research on modelling and valuation techniques for ecosystem services, focusing on Manu National Park in the Peruvian Amazon. While studying for her master's degree, she specialized in environmental modelling and mapping of conservation priority and protected areas, using GIS and ecosystem service valuation tools such as InVEST and Co$ting Nature.

Recent work by Yara Shennan-Farpón

Wetland Extent Trends (WET) Index |

Yara is working on the global update of the WET index, which measures trends in wetland area over time, enabling the rate of loss (or growth) of wetlands to be estimated and giving an indication of the status of wetlands globally. She is leading the data review and update of wetland data from the Neotropics region.

Commodities and Biodiversity, MacArthur Foundation |

Yara is responsible for assisting with the analysis and presentation of results on this project. She worked on the preparation of technical reports and GIS analysis to map commodities and biodiversity in future scenarios of climate change and agricultural suitability in three study regions: The Mekong Basin, the Lake Victoria Basin and the Andes watershed. She was also responsible for logistics and facilitation for workshops in Lima (Peru) and Kampala (Uganda).

State of Biodiversity Reports |

Yara is responsible for coordinating the delivery of four Regional Biodiversity reports on progress towards the CBD Aichi Biodiversity Targets. She was involved in the preparation and launch of four regional biodiversity reports in the regions of Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean and West Asia, working with UNEP and the CBD. Her role involved data collection and analysis, report writing and editing, project coordination, report design, and publication and launch of the reports at the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in Nairobi in May 2016.