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Yinlong Xu

Fellow | Fellows

Area of collaboration with UNEP-WCMC

Theme of work:

Investigating  the adaptation mechanism of natural ecosystem to climate change


Based on the adaptation mechanism, complete the adaptation methodology of natural ecosystem and conservation to climate change, then work out the guidelines how to improve the protection actions on the conservations under changing climate with human intervention, e.g., making plan, systematic technology package, policy portfolio,  to provide concrete scientific support to world conservation capacity building and try to promote global/regional initiatives for capacity building.

Previous experience & expertise

XU Yinlong is leading a team in CAAS to research on climate change adaptation. He got his PhD in Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 1995, and then joined IEDA (formerly Agro-meteorology Institute), CAAS, since 1996. His research was focusing on construction of climate change scenarios over China using PRECIS and assessments on climate change vulnerability, now he is interested in adaptation methodology, theoretical mechanism of adaptation and construction of adaptation technology system. He has published over 100 scientific journal papers and over 12 books as co-authors (including 7 books as editor-in-chief or CLA).