Protected Planet Report 2016 launched at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

The Protected Planet Report 2016 has been launched at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii. Part of the successful Protected Planet series, this report assesses how protected areas contribute to achieving the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and relevant targets of the Sustainable Development Goals, two of the most important environment and sustainable development commitments ever made by governments in the international fora. It highlights current research and case studies as examples of the role protected areas play in conserving biodiversity and cultural heritage.

The report provides a comprehensive assessment on the status of the global protected area network and recommends investing in protected areas to strengthen sustainable management of fisheries, control invasive species, cope with climate change and reduce harmful incentives, such as subsidies, which threaten biodiversity.

Adoption of these recommendations would help to halt biodiversity loss, improve food and water security, enable vulnerable human communities to better cope with natural disasters and conserve traditional knowledge.

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