UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre provides new regional insights into wildlife trade

An analysis of Southern Africa´s wildlife trade was launched this week at the 17th CITES Conference of the Parties at an event organised by the South African CITES Scientific Authority (SANBI) on promoting science-based decision making. The trade analysis was undertaken by UNEP-WCMC in collaboration with South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, with the results presented to the region earlier this year as part of a capacity building workshop.

In support of the Amazonian region, UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre is also working with GIZ, the German development organisation and with country members of the Amazonian Cooperation Treaty Organisation (ACTO) to undertake the first comprehensive analysis of CITES trade for the Amazonian countries. This work follows a successful CITES-related regional capacity building workshop delivered by UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centrein Brazil in 2015, in collaboration with Brazil, GIZ and the CITES Secretariat. A report providing a snapshot of the trade from the Amazonian region was presented at CITES CoP17. Further results will be presented in 2017. This work complements the publication of a report on wildlife trade produced for the Ecuadorian Government also published at CITES CoP17.

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