Putting biodiversity at the heart of decision-making

We believe that the environment will be better managed if decision makers have the right information, tools and capacity to value biodiversity fully

Skills and competencies

The issue

Regardless of the knowledge and tools that are available, the management of biodiversity and ecosystem services is delivered by institutions – such as government ministries and private companies – and the people who work in them. To make this management more effective, staff commonly need new skills and competencies, whether in using new data and tools themselves, or in training others, thereby building the knowledge resources of their institutions.

Our approach

We work with our partners to build on their own capacities through a wide range of training courses, workshops, internships and collaborative projects. We convene many partnerships and initiatives that enable participants to share skills and learn from each other. And we regularly host staff seconded from other institutions to learn from us, while sharing their own expertise.

Our staff provide teaching and research supervision to undergraduate and postgraduate courses at a number of European and North American universities. UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre partners with the University of Cambridge to train the next generation of conservationists through an MPhil in Conservation Leadership, supervising student consultancy and placement projects, and providing programme oversight and direction as part of the Steering Committee.

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