Putting biodiversity at the heart of decision-making

We believe that the environment will be better managed if decision makers have the right information, tools and capacity to value biodiversity fully

Tools and methodologies

The issue

Trustworthy data provide the essential foundation for sound environmental decisions, but data exist in a wide array of forms, some more accessible than others. National monitoring and reporting of environmental data often yield lengthy reports that cannot be easily analysed or combined with those from other countries. As a result, reporting to Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) can be slow and repetitive, resulting in information that is out-of-date and difficult to use in practice.

Our approach

We create tools that enable environmental data to be collected, reported, analysed, interpreted and – most importantly – used quickly and efficiently in decision-making processes. We combine high quality methodologies for data analysis with state-of-the-art online tools, opening the way for new and practical ways of using environmental data.

Our projects

The online reporting system (ORS), for example, provides a standardized, easy-to-use and inexpensive tool to help the parties and secretariats of MEAs track progress towards national and international commitments, and to effectively manage critically important issues such as wildlife trade. The ORS streamlines the reporting process, creating efficiencies, improving reporting rates and ultimately leading to better assessment and management of natural capital. The system was initially developed by UNEP-WCMC in conjunction with the Secretariats of the Convention on Migratory Species and the African–European Waterbird Agreement.

Through our work with the private sector, we also provide tools to assist companies to refine their approach to identifying protected areas and to tailor their operations in and around areas of high biodiversity sensitivity.

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