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Addressing climate change: Why biodiversity matters

24 June 2014

A new UNEP-WCMC policy brief, Addressing climate change: Why biodiversity matters, highlights the importance of considering biodiversity within climate change policies, programmes and projects, and presents opportunities to realize synergies.

There are many well-known links between climate change and biodiversity. However, the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services to the achievement of climate-related objectives, and the potential for projects addressing climate change through mitigation or adaptation to generate benefits for (and some risks to) biodiversity conservation are often not fully addressed in project and programme design. Addressing climate change: Why biodiversity matters has been developed to address these issues.

The brief was informed by a two and a half year research and development project on biodiversity criteria for the design, selection and evaluation of climate change adaptation and natural carbon sinks/REDD+ projects in forests and wetlands under the German International Climate Initiative (IKI). The technical report of the research project can be downloaded here. Both documents are co-authored by scientists and practitioners from UNEP-WCMC, BirdLife International and The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN).