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Fostering collaboration between conservation experts and the world’s largest extractives companies

12 May 2014

This week, UNEP-WCMC will bring together conservation experts and 17 of the world’s largest extractives companies who are part of the successful Proteus Partnership.

In a unique partnership, 17 forward-thinking oil, gas and mining companies collaborate with UNEP-WCMC to develop and share global tools, information and insights on the latest trends and developments in biodiversity and ecosystem policy and initiatives.

At the meeting, both the biodiversity and business communities will share their experience and knowledge of current biodiversity policy and emerging issues. As a hub of conservation expertise, Cambridge is ideally suited to hosting this gathering.

With its convening power, UNEP-WCMC enables the sharing of skills and knowledge between Proteus Partners. Businesses develop their own capacity to make informed environmental decisions but they also help conservation experts understand the needs of businesses.

This meeting is an exciting opportunity for the conservation and business communities to work together and understand the implications of global policy and the potential impacts business activities have on biodiversity.