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Pierre-Yves Cousteau joins UNEP-WCMC for coral reef workshops

06 October 2017
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UNEP-WCMC welcomed Pierre-Yves Cousteau for a series of workshops on coral reefs last week.

The first workshop, held in partnership with UN Environment, focused on the interaction between coral reefs and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Coral reef experts and practioners from around the world gathered in Cambridge to discuss how the management of coral reefs can support a whole diversity of SDGs, going beyond Goal 14 (Life below water).

A second workshop considered how to harness citizen behaviour to aid the protection of coral reef ecosystems, with a focus on dive tourism. Held in partnership with UN Environment, Pierre-Yves Cousteau and Reef World Foundation, this workshop brought together coral reef experts and practitioners, psychologists, behavioural scientists, marketing experts and divers to explore behavioural pathways and identify intervention points for effective behaviour change. The discussions from the workshop will go on to inform a campaign briefing note for the UN Environment global campaign of citizen behaviour change and on the national scale through the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI).

Pierre-Yves Cousteau said:

"Coral reefs are dying worldwide, mostly because of climate change, pollutions and overfishing. We need to explore ways of reducing our impacts on these ecosystems, both at a global level and on a personal one."

These two workshops form part of the wider Global Coral Reef Partnership project, the outcomes of which will be presented at the ICRI 32nd General Assembly and the third United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA3) in Nairobi, Kenya this December.