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Share a snapshot of your #WildlifeFilledLife!

02 July 2021
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New UNEP-WCMC social media campaign calls on people to share personal photos and knowledge of species from around the world

All over the world, living in harmony with nature is a part of people’s everyday life.

Whether it’s listening to birds outside our windows at home, following a colony of frogs making their way to a pond, or simply admiring wildflowers that bloom in early spring whilst taking a walk in the park; we can all celebrate wildlife in our own unique way.

Not only does nature sustain life on Earth, but living in harmony with nature also underpins our happiness and well-being. A #WildlifeFilledLife can make us feel happier, healthier, and more connected to the world around us.

So, whether it’s from your daily walk, weekly hike, or annual holiday, we want to see a snapshot of your #WildlifeFilledLife!

There are over 430 different ecosystems across the world, so people from different areas of the globe interact with a vastly different array of wildlife day to day. Sharing photos on social media is a powerful tool for us to learn about people’s personal experiences of wildlife in the ecosystems unique to their area.

Celebrating a #WildlifeFilledLife can also help to raise awareness of the importance of conserving and restoring nature, of nature-based solutions, building a nature=positive economy, and remind us how greener spaces in cities can improve our quality of life.

Share a photo of a plant or animal species you’ve come upon with a short description (up to 240 characters) using the hashtag #WildlifeFilledLife and tagging @UNEPWCMC

How to participate in the #WildlifeFilledLife campaign:

  1. Choose a picture that you have taken of a species (fauna or flora) you have seen during your walks/travels/hikes;
  2. Post your picture with a description and the hashtag #WildlifeFilledLife and tag @UNEPWCMC on Twitter or Facebook (Please note: we will only be able to see photos from public accounts)
  3. Every Friday, we will choose one photo to feature in @unepwcmc accounts, tagging the account that posted it.

What we would like to see:

  1. Wildlife only! Any humans in the photo should not be recognisable (see further details below)
  2. Photos of species with a description of what they are and where they have been spotted.
  3. Your story about why this photo represents your #WildlifeFilledLife

Want to participate? Read the Rules & Regulations here:

#WildlifeFilledLife is a campaign run by UNEP-WCMC – the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre. The campaign will feature photos of wildlife shared with UNEP-WCMC via social media.