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UNEP-WCMC hosts Cambridge MP

17 October 2018
Daniel Zeichner Visiting Unep Wcmc 7 Stephanie Foote


UNEP-WCMC was pleased to welcome Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge, on Friday 5 October to discuss environmental challenges at a local, national and global level.

Mr Zeichner has long been interested in the environment and has served as an executive member of Labour’s national environmental campaign group, is a supporter of multiple cross-party green initiatives, and is a Species Champion for the Ruderal Bumblebee.

The visit offered an opportunity to discuss the importance of science-based decision-making and explore areas of mutual support.

Mr Zeichner was first introduced to a number of staff working across a wide range of UNEP-WCMC’s projects including digital innovation, institutional partnerships, and protected area initiatives.

He then met with senior members of staff to discuss UNEP-WCMC’s role in shaping environmental decision-making around the world as well as its long relationship with the UK government both at home and abroad.

Mr Zeichner commented: “It was wonderful to see such a dynamic, engaged and international team right here in Cambridge, and their commitment is truly reflected in the quality and impact of UNEP-WCMC’s work.

“Their support to decision-makers and provision of evidence-based science has allowed the UK to evaluate its own impact on the environment through such projects as the National Ecosystem Assessment, as well as monitor its commitments to global environmental strategies.

“As the deadline for the global Aichi Biodiversity Targets approaches I look forward to continuing these discussions, and learning how we can best work together to create and implement effective, measurable goals.”