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Watch: All-female scientist team leads Microplastics Research and Ocean Literacy project in the western North Pacific Ocean

11 February 2020


Between December 2019 and January 2020, a team of three female scientists led a research programme onboard tall ship ‘Miraie’, collecting data to understand how plastic pollution is affecting the western North Pacific Ocean.

While sailing from Japan to Palau, Sanae Chiba (Japan Agency for Earth-Science Technology), Holly Griffin (UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre) and Yurie Seki (YAMAHA), collected daily water samples to test for microplastics. The objective was to understand the dynamics of plastics in a region where this data is still scarce.

During the trip, they also ran an Ocean Literacy programme aimed at helping develop the next generation of ocean leaders, by educating and empowering children from Palau about our relationship with the ocean. The children were equipped with facts about the challenges that the ocean is facing, as well as positive and practical solutions.

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