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1. Data Policy

Our success hinges on our reputation for reliability and the degree of trust that our partners have in us. As the bedrock for building this trust, we make a commitment that our collaborative arrangements will be transparent, fair and equitable. We do not assert any intellectual property rights in the data made available to us by partners. Instead, we will take stringent measures to to put in place the correct and necessary permissions and appropriate conditions for the use of these datasets by third parties. Find our full data management policy here.

2. Terms and Conditions of Data Use

Access to UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre datasets is provided on the understanding that you read and consent to be bound by the Terms and conditions. Please check these carefully as they may vary between datasets. The general terms and conditions are set out here.

3. Take-down Policy

UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre operates a ‘take-down’ policy. If we are notified of a potential breach of copyright we will remove the relevant material as quickly as possible pending further investigation. Where the grounds for complaint are considered to be valid, the complete document or dataset or relevant portion will be permanently withdrawn. See our full take-down policy here.

4. Safeguarding Policy

WCMC attaches great importance to addressing safeguarding and ethical considerations in all activities carried out by its staff, including where partner organisations or individuals are part of the delivery of our work. This includes children and vulnerable adults in the community who may be vulnerable to abuse. WCMC act with integrity, are transparent and expect applicants to share the same values. This policy applies to all of those associated with WCMC, including staff, interns, fellows, advisors, trustees, volunteers and students. See our full safeguarding policy.